Inland History


Born from a deep love of coffee and family, Inland Roasters was founded with the intention of creating a coffee community grounded in quality, one sip at a time.  Together with their wives, Brent and Reid Volk became business partners after the death of their father Steve in 2018.  Hoping to honor him and his larger-than-life personality, the brothers have created coffee roasts that conjure memories of growing up in California’s Central Valley, traveling the world as a family, and laughing at their dad’s wicked sense of humor.
Each cup of Inland Roasters coffee begins by sourcing the finest beans.  From there, Brent and Reid take their time cultivating the perfect roast profile.  Whether it be bright notes of citrus or rich creamy chocolate and caramel, Inland Roasters aims to extract the very best flavor from each bean.  Turning an otherwise ordinary daily coffee ritual into an extraordinary experience.  Because everyone deserves a better cup of coffee!

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